Public Integrity

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Division ensures that public and appointed officials, and their subordinates, fulfill their legally mandated duties. The division investigates and prosecutes criminal misconduct and political corruption at all levels of public service including city, county, and state governments.  The ultimate goal of the Public Integrity Division is to increase the public’s confidence in its elected and appointed officials.

Vehicular Crimes Division – Call-Out Team

The Vehicular Crimes Division Call-Out Team’s primary purpose is to ensure successful investigation and prosecution of fatality crashes.  The Call-Out Team is comprised of experienced and trained prosecutors who respond to all fatality crash scenes where criminal charges are possible.  The Call-Out Team works alongside law enforcement at these scenes to make certain that a complete and total investigation occurs.  In addition to working with the police from the beginning of the investigation, Brett Ligon has instituted a significant public service and training component for these specialized prosecutors.

No Refusal Program

Because DWI is the most frequent crime committed in the county, the No Refusal Program is a large component to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s successful prosecution of DWI offenses.  The No Refusal program brings together judges, prosecutors, nurses, and law enforcement to ensure that scientific blood evidence is obtained in all DWI investigations.  The Montgomery County District Attorney’s No Refusal Program has become the model nationwide.  Paid for mostly with grant funds, the program was rated exemplary by the State of Texas and has been recognized nationally by the Department of Transportation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office was one of four agencies in Texas selected to coordinate the nation’s first statewide No Refusal on July 4th, 2011!

Specialized Divisions

Brett Ligon has created many specialized divisions within the office to handle the most sensitive criminal cases.  The Crimes Against Children Division ensures the successful prosecution of the most heinous crimes committed against children.  The White Collar / Civil Division prosecutes criminal and civil cases involving complex financial crimes and asset forfeitures.  The Domestic Violence Unit investigates and prosecutes those that commit violent crimes against family members and the elderly.

Training for Law Enforcement

As a member of the law enforcement team, the Training Committee established by Brett Ligon with volunteer prosecutors provides training for law enforcement officials on numerous topics such as obtaining search and arrest warrants, search and seizure laws, legal updates, and investigation of intoxication related offenses.  Through training, local police are equipped with the knowledge and resources to effectively serve the citizens of Montgomery County.