Office Stats

Crime analysis is a critical ingredient in efficient prosecution.  By routinely analyzing the statistics available in the District Attorney’s Office, Brett Ligon is able to focus attention on those issues that matter most.  These issues include violent and repeat offenders, funding, the efficiency of the judicial process, and more.  Brett Ligon has implemented several policies that establishes crime tracking as a tool to improve the safety of all residents in Montgomery County.

Prior to his election, statistics were not compiled by this office.  Brett Ligon has addressed this concern with significantly improved results.  The District Attorney currently tracks offenses committed, location the offense was committed, the prosecution rates, the jury trial results, and many more.

By focusing on our worst criminals and improving the level of professionalism in the office, Brett Ligon has not only reduced violent crime at unprecedented rates and made Montgomery County a state and national role model, he has done this by making the criminals pay for these improvements and not the taxpayer.

Ligon Lowers DWI Refusal Rate

Professional Prosecutors Improve Jury Trial Conviction Rate

Charges Filed Decrease Compared to Population Increase

Fiscal Year 2011 DWI Charges

Ligon Increases Fines To Make Criminals Pay Not Taxpayers